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How About Making An Art Homage To Historical Women?

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How About Making An Art Homage To Historical Women?

Welcome to this Art Post! Hi. I’m Veronica Huacuja, a plastic artist, and an online art teacher. I have some good tips for your painting process.

As an artist, have you ever wondered about the life of women that lived a couple of centuries ago? Some of them weren’t as lucky in life, as is the case of Mary Jane Kelly, Jack The Ripper’s last victim. But let’s start from the beginning.

I’m adding my artwork to exemplify the way I conceived this artwork, which might help your own art process. Its data sheet is:

Title: When Jack Had Time. Tribute To Mary Jane Kelly
Artist: Veronica Huacuja
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80 x 60 x 2.5 cm
Year: 2021
Collection: Women

OUR ART INTERESTS. One thing that, as artists, we have to have clear is our art interests... and I add, to be loyal to them. So, that being said, as a painter, I’m interested in abnormality and drama. And because of these interests, I made this tribute to Mary Jane Kelly (1863-1888, Ireland) (1), which, as we may know, was one of the five canonical victims of Jack The Ripper (2) or Leather Apron in London, England, in 1888.

SOME PREVIOUS THOUGHTS. I paint what human life unhide at certain moments and permits me to feel it. Sometimes, when this happens, it is the extraordinary that unfolds, plentiful with deformity and drama. I seek to capture this deranged beauty with polysemous (different) meanings. Within these results, I always search too... to cause a visual impact, a blow, a strike upon the soul of the observer.

MARY JANE’S LAST MOMENTS. One early morning, the woman went into her small dwelling accompanied by this dangerous man, who was a stranger to her, but before entering she told a female neighbour, she was going to "sing a song", and began singing to herself–for the last time–“A Violet from Mother’s Grave”. (3)

As an artist, what amazed me, among so many other things, is the tireless fury of her perpetrator. On this occasion, this man had time in his hands.

IMAGES OF THE PROCESS. I’m adding some images that describe the creative process. You'll find them at

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