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3 Reasons To Split Our Artwork Into Series

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3 Reasons To Split Our Artwork Into Series

Welcome to another Art Blog! I’m Veronica Huacuja, a plastic artist, and an online art teacher for company groups and individuals. I have some good tips for artists or art practitioners. Hope you enjoy the work.

Have you ever wondered how to comprehend in a better way your own art production, and helping others–your collectors, for example–to understand it as well?

To carry out the above in my work and show its usefulness, I present the following piece. This is its data sheet:

Title: Head Study 45
Artist: Veronica Huacuja
Medium: Oil and acrylic on paper
Size: 40 x 35 x 0.1 cm
Year: 2018
Collection: Women

PREVIOUS THOUGHTS. As you may appreciate, I created the artwork a couple of years ago. Since then, and without even noticing, I’ve accomplished other artworks regarding women's biographies. For this reason, I began cataloging these pieces. Because of this “insight”, I made up this collection: Women. The latter helps me understand my work in a better way. And hopefully, it also helps the observer to understand it, to invite or produce in him a state of mind that assists him in penetrating the work’s creation circle.

THE WORK AND ITS INSPIRATION. “Head Study 45” results after reading about Eva Perón’s (1919-1952, Argentina) afterlife, the First Lady of Argentina (1946-1952). As we may know, when she died, the physician, Dr. Pedro Ara (1898-1973, Spain), embalmed her body with magnificent success. Since then, she resembles the protagonist of the children’s story, “Sleeping Beauty”, immersed in a profound, peaceful dream in a forever youthful body.

Her embalmed corpse has a lengthy story. In one of its back and forth transcontinental trips from America to Europe, her coffin fell down and her nose broke. This detail inspired me to create the artwork of an anonymous woman with a broken nose, and to insert it in the cited collection. Nowadays, I'm thinking of developing a series of women with a broken nose.

Please write your opinions in the comment section. It will generate a very interesting dialogue.

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